So who are you anyway, and why do you exist?

HillsList is a not-for-profit website created by Bedminster Hills residents to solve a simple problem:

Until HillsList, there was no central website where residents of the Hills (and surrounding areas) could find and post local, relevant information. 

Every other “Hills website” seems to have an agenda (usually owned by real estate agents). While some of these sites contain useful information, they offer limited value, because they are very selective in the information they provide. Click on Links to see some of them.

Also, other sites don’t let residents (or future residents) of the Hills find and list their own events. For example, driving in the Hills on a sunny Saturday or Sunday, you can usually find multiple signs for “Garage Sale” or “Open House”. Besides being hard to read, the owners of these events aren’t able to reach the entire population, only those who happen to drive by the sign.

HillsList has a Calendar Page that allows you to find and list local events, like your Garage Sale and Open House.

Furthermore, HillsList encourages local business owners (or aspiring entrepreneurs) list their services. Want to list yourself as a handy-person, dog-walker, baby-sitter? Easy! Just Contact Us and we’ll list your service for free! You’ll notice that HillsList tends to list local businesses more than large ones. That’s because we’re trying to encourage local commerce within the community.

HillsList has been called “a mini craigslist for the Hills”. In fact, HillsList has a Craig’s List Page that shows real-time listings on craigslist (multiple craigslist sites, in fact), and lets you search craigslist postings.

Unlike some websites (and associations, ahem…) we are always looking for your feedback. If you think we should change the layout, list an additional service, or if you think we’ve missed something that could be useful, just Contact Us and we’ll look into it. You can choose from Email, Live Chat, or the Contact Form.

Also, if you like what HillsList stands for and would like to get involved, great! Spreading the word to your friends, neighbors, and local business owners is a great way to start.

Thanks for visiting and Welcome to HillsList!